Culture Assessment

There is nothing more important to the overall success of talent management in a firm than its culture.

From attracting the right people to inspiring them to align performance to the organization’s mission, a firm’s unique, evolving culture must be understood by everyone.


Denise Delahanty has spent her career as a consultant helping firms build a successful culture that delivers on their client promise and maximizes their success. ACCOUNTability Plus, LLC’s culture assessment is designed to create a level of trust throughout the organization through qualitative one-on-one and focus group interviews through all segments of the organization. Combined with a quantitative assessment,

the Gallup Q12, the firm is delivered a detailed report to include:

  • Evaluation of qualitative and quantitative assessments.

  • Recommendations for management and staff training to build the culture that aligns with the organization’s mission.

  • Creation of a plan to implement changes needed and specific action items and responsibilities.


ACCOUNTability Plus, LLC provides periodic, continued follow-up to ensure culture continues to

align with the organization’s mission and maximize performance.