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How it works:

“One-day” diagnostic assessment of a firm’s execution of the 3 Cs of remote audit: Computers, Corroboration, and Connections.  

This will be delivered in three steps: 1) fact gathering survey, 2) one on one interview with staff for each area and 3) written report and discussion of our suggestions; 

The one on one interviews would generally consist of the following: 

  • Three to four interviews on Computers (systems) at various staff levels,  

  • Three to four interviews on Corroboration (audit evidence),  

  • Up to six interviews on Connections (client connections and employee connections) at various levels.  


Written report of our observations and up to a two-hour discussion reviewing the report and discussing your next steps. We will offer you practical ideas that can be easily executed to make the current state of remote audit work better in your firm. In addition, we will offer additional suggestions for longer-term remote audit enhancements for you to consider.  

Benefits of the Assessment: 

Actionable overview of the essential components (3 Cs) of setting your audit practice up to take advantage of the remote world. The difference in the Accountability Plus offering is that it looks specifically at audit and assurance and is delivered by experts in the A&A world. The A+ team focuses on meeting the standards in the most efficient but effective way possible, enhancing the value you deliver to your clients, and setting you up to have more time to deliver great service. A+ has been guiding firms around the country to be set up for the remote world for more than a decade before the pandemic. 


We want audit practices to thrive and set themselves up for future success. We are so committed to our mission that the service is available for the rest of 2020 for only $3,000. We want to have firms coming out of the Pandemic stronger than they went into it. 

Next steps:

E-mail us

Service Guarantee:

We are so confident in this diagnostic, that if you don’t feel that you receive the value you expect from our time, we will not charge you for it. And in over a decade of offering this guarantee for all of our A&A consulting, not one firm has ever asked for this. 

Image by Christopher Gower
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