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Why be a member of A+A Leaders Leagues?

You have a passion to lead the profession into the future

You want to transparently collaborate with firms prepared to lead

You desire to overcome fears associated with the future:

- Technology

- Skills we do not know we need

- Training staff to go beyond the checklists

- Recruiting, retaining and developing staff

- Dealing with old standards for peer review while creating new, relevant firm standards

You want to understand how to meet the challenges of the future

We guide League members to approach each challenge within the context of three foundational components of an auditing firm:


Who makes up the audit team? What are their backgrounds? how do we help them grow? A+A Leaders Leagues focuses on bringing back thinking auditors and empowering them to succeed.


Create innovative processes that eliminate forms and help auditors make smarter decisions and have better results. Think about the current processes that support the audit team. Are they working?


Control the systems and technology and make sure they are relevant.

You want your firm to be successful

From his decades of experience working in firms, the AICPA, and as a consultant to the profession, Al has identified five crucial attributes of a successful auditing firm. They are:

Relevance, Business Mindedness, Quality, Innovation, and Empowerment

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